How to find a name for your blog

Getting a name for your blog is a lot of work. Getting the perfect name is the real trouble. But in this post, I would list some blog name generators that can assist you in getting the perfect name for your domain.

First, what are blog name generators?

Blog name generators are tools that can assist you in getting a perfect name for your domain. Most generators can:

  • Check if the domain names are available or are already taken.
  • Help you suggest some names based on the keywords you give
  • Help you register and buy the names you choose for your blog.

Before I start listing some of the blog name generators, let me start by talking about the two different types of blog names:

  1. Brand based names. Blog name generators can help you come up with coined words that can be developed over time to become brand names. However, if the blog is about your personal life, you can use your name. If you are selling a product, your blog name can be your product name. You can also come up with coined names and grow it into a well-known brand name.
  1. Keyword based names. Keyword based names can make people find your blog more easily. For example, let’s say I am into beauty and I want to start blogging about beauty. I might decide to make my blog name be Beauty Rules. Then my domain URL will be

I don’t know if beauty rules have been taken, well it’s just an example. You can get a blog name depending on the niche you are blogging on; it might be travel, beauty, flowers, fashion or even farming.

Whatever the niche, it should be associated with the blog name. Getting a keyword based name can give you a head start in search engines. But always have it in there will be other blogs with similar names, so it might be difficult to stand out.

There are so many debates on which name is better; brand based names or keyword based names? I think the both names are good; it just depends on you.

You should never forget to make your name easy to spell and easy to remember, whether brand based names or keyword based names. Avoid long words that people can easily forget.

Now before I round up this post, let’s look at some blog name generator:

  1. NameBoy
  2. Wordoid
  3. Panabee
  4. Lean Domain Search
  5. Domainr
  6. Name Mesh
  7. Domain It