Buy a Domain Name: 5 Things to Do before Buying an Expired Domain

Interested in buying an expired domain for your new website! Read this article and discover how to buy a domain name that is already expired!

Most people prefer to purchase old domains over new domains for their websites of niche blogs. This is because of the fact that old domains have some sort of history, backlinks, inherent domain authority, and can rank well on Google. Some people buy expired domains for branding purposes.

However, buying the right expired domain for your project is not an easy task. There are a lot of websites where you can buy expired domains, but before you decide to use their services, we recommend you to check the real value of the domain and whether or not suits your needs.

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If you want to buy a suitable domain for your website or blog you need to invest your time and analyze the available expired domains. You need to check the history of the domain, whether or not it is banned by Google, determine the spam links, check the domain authority, check TF and CF, and etc. Once you will do your research and decide that a particular domain is suitable for you, you are ready to buy it.

In this article, we are going to explain to you what you should do before you decide to buy an expired domain. There are 5 things you need to consider:

  1. Check the DA and PA of the domain – As you probably know there are thousands of domain names that expire every day. You can find these domains on websites such as Moonsy, PR Drop, Expired Domain, and etc. Once you find a list of expired domains, make sure to check the PA or page authority and DA or domain authority of the domain you want to purchase. The PA and DA will tell you the quality of the domain.
  2. Check the Domain with Google Banned checker – It is also very important to check if Google has banned the domain or not. If you have a good feeling about a certain domain and you think that domain has a potential, ask Google if they can un-ban the domain.
  3. Check Google AdSense’s ban – There are many expired domains that Google AdSense bans. The Sandbox checker will help you determine if a certain domain has been banned or not. All you need to do is put the URL in the checker and you will get all the information you need. If the ads are presented, the domain is safe to use.
  4. Check the website’s archive – Another very important thing you need to do before you purchase a certain expired domain is to check the website’s archive. The archive has a lot of information you should know. The archive will show you what type of website it was before. You can enter URL into the archive and click on the option “take me back” to see the screenshot of a specific timeline graph.
  5. Check the domain’s page rank carefully – You should know that there are some expired domains that have manipulated page ranks. You should stay away from these domains. Use the Fake PR checker tool to see whether or not the page ranks are real. Be sure you are not purchasing a fake domain before you make your final decision.

These 5 things are very important and you should consider all of them before you buy a domain name that is already expired. As long as you use them you will buy a quality domain that will bring you success!